Prophetic Word: “ACCELERATION”

Prophetic Word: “Acceleration” 11/18/2021 The Spirit of the Lord says, “By My Hand… what would take years will take months. What would take months will take weeks. What would take weeks will take days. What would take days will take hours. For these are the days of ACCELERATION.” God recently spoke this to me, and […]

The Plans of the Wicked Shall Fail

“The Plans of the Wicked Shall Fail.” 9/21/2021 This was the Word of the Lord to me as I prayed about the lockdowns and mandates happening around the world. Governments have seized upon COVID-19 as an excuse to try and exert stifling control over the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. You do not hear […]

Missions Update Afghanistan 8-19-2021

PARTNERS AND FRIENDS MISSIONS UPDATE Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan • 8/20/2021 “We’re Not Leaving.” This was the simple reply that Farad* scribbled on the note he found on his door. Farad pastors an underground church in Afghanistan, and the Taliban had left a note on his door. It read: “We know who you are and we […]