Praying for America
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Praying and Fasting for America 🇺🇸

Today, many Christians all over the world begin a focused time of prayer and fasting for America. America must have the supernatural intervention of God. There is a plot, over two years in the making, that is being executed right now to try and steal the election. I do not watch the news (we purposefully do not even have a cable or satellite subscription), and I am not regurgitating something I read somewhere. This comes directly from my prayer closet. God hates unbalanced weights and measures (Proverbs 20:23)! He detests cheaters and manipulated scales!  


What is God Saying About the Election and President Trump?

I hope you are doing well. Last Friday night, I was part of an all-night prayer meeting from 7 pm to 7 am. In addition to fasting and praying consistently for America already, this was a focused time of personal intercession for America and the upcoming election. God has a great destiny for America that is yet unfulfilled. Many pundits and prognosticators believe that America’s greatest days are behind her, but this is not true. The most incredible days for America are still ahead!


A Fearful Nation Needs a Fearless Church

I was recently standing with my wife as we were leaving a voting location. All of the officials and volunteers were isolated inside heavy plexiglass booths, and, as is customary nowadays, everyone was wearing masks. People were required to stay far apart, and there was tangible anxiety in the room. I was standing near the exit, just taking in the scene, because it was unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime.

Suddenly and without warning, I heard the voice of the Lord that I have come to cherish. His voice was so loud, and so distinct, and so authoritative that I would have sworn that everyone around me could hear it.

“This is a manufactured crisis.”       

Why It Matters

The Holy Spirit has stirred my heart to pray like never before for the election in 82 days. You can find political views from all over the spectrum by turning on the nightly news or scanning social media. I am not engaging in any of that.

I want to quickly talk to you about why this election matters — from the perspective of the Gospel. As sons and daughters of God, everything we do should be viewed through the lens of the Gospel and Eternity.