A Fearful Nation Needs a Fearless Church

A Fearful Nation
Needs a Fearless Church

I was recently standing with my wife as we were leaving a voting location. All of the officials and volunteers were isolated inside heavy plexiglass booths, and, as is customary nowadays, everyone was wearing masks. People were required to stay far apart, and there was tangible anxiety in the room. I was standing near the exit, just taking in the scene, because it was unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime.

Suddenly and without warning, I heard the voice of the Lord that I have come to cherish. His voice was so loud, and so distinct, and so authoritative that I would have sworn that everyone around me could hear it.

"This is a manufactured crisis." Those words reverberated all around me and inside me. It was the voice of the One that I love more than life. Before hearing that, standing near the exit door of our local library, I had a suspicion that something did not add up with the pandemic, but no strong opinion. I certainly did not like the way small businesses were treated. And I definitely objected to the way churches were designated as non-essential to people's lives. But knowing that God said this is a manufactured crisis means that people are being exploited and manipulated through fear. Take a look at the graphic below. (It took me hours to find this because even though I had seen it while researching fear, it has been censored and removed from social media platforms and Google search engine results. The source document is still available and I linked to it below the graphic.) 

Source: https://www.kekstcnc.com/media/2793/kekstcnc_research_covid-19_opinion_tracker_wave-4.pdf

Disclaimer: To be clear, there is a legitimate virus that has worked its way throughout the country. People have tragically died... as they do every year from flu and other viruses. This virus is contagious and potentially lethal for people with certain risk factors. However, the case numbers and death counts have been dramatically manipulated. There are Nobel Prize-winning epidemiologists and unbiased data modelers documenting this daily.
"I repeat, be strong and brave! Don't be afraid and don't panic, for I, the LORD your God, am with you in all you do."
- Joshua 1:9 NET 

God's Word is the perfect antidote for fear, and it has a 100% success rate! But where are all the preachers boldly proclaiming freedom from fear? The voice of God's leaders has been greatly diminished – almost to the point of silence. Many, many churches are still closed. Pastors around the country are being fined and threatened with arrest for holding church services. Every week I am on calls with other leaders and the attack on the church is more real than you can see on television or read about in the newspaper. No conspiracy theory... there is a coordinated effort to keep churches closed in many areas. Because of the fear caused by this manufactured crisis, many churches have reopened only to see a fraction of their people return. This continual environment of fear in our nation is only made possible because the Church has been silenced.

The picture below is from a government-sanctioned protest a couple of days ago in Washington, D. C. Churches there are restricted to either 50% of their building capacity, or 100 people, whichever is less. No more than 100 people can gather at a time at any church in Washington, D. C. This is true for many churches around the country. They are forbidden to physically touch another person. They cannot lay hands on the sick. Babies cannot be dedicated. No normal weddings. No traditional funerals. New Believers cannot be baptized. They cannot grab hands with another Christian and agree in prayer. Look at that picture... can you see the insanity?

At its core, this is not a political issue, but a spiritual one. I am not politically motivated. I genuinely abhor both political parties... often they are both influenced and controlled by the same people! My wife and I are true independents. We vote for the candidate whose policies and platforms most closely mirror God's Word. It is my deep conviction that this pleases the Lord and is how all Christians should vote. 

Please pray for America and the upcoming election. From the next president, all the way down to officials at every level of local government, this election has tremendous implications for the Church of Jesus Christ. Our churches must open! We must be free to preach the glorious Gospel and win the lost! We must be able to reach the sick and the hurting. And we must help people know the Truth so they can be delivered from fear. A fearful nation needs a fearless Church!

Would you join me in faithfully praying for America and the upcoming election? Our ads that simply said "Pray for America and the upcoming election" were rejected because we were accused of "trying to influence the election". 

We had to register as a "political organization"... even though we most definitely are NOT a political organization! We can now run ads across digital platforms and they launched today. I am compelled to call the Church to prayer. The Word of the Lord is that "if the Church will pray, President Trump will stay." 

If you would like to stand with us as we contend for America, and as always, continue taking the Gospel to the nations, click here to sow into Power of God World Outreach.



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