“…is there any word of the Lord?…” – Jeremiah 37:17

For years, every January God would give me a prophetic word for the Body of Christ in the new year. I would share it at the New Year Eve’s service at the church where I was a pastor. Often times, without ever consulting together, the senior pastor and I would both share the exact same Word from the Lord at the New Year’s service. It was always a powerful time of confirmation that we were hearing God accurately and embracing His desires for the new year.

This year, as I was praying over 2017, I again heard a clear Word from Heaven. I heard the Spirit of God say, “GIANT LEAPS in 2017”. I saw the footprint on the surface of the moon and heard Neil Armstrong’s words from 1969: “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”

God is saying that in 2017, He has GIANT LEAPS for His children to make. GIANT LEAPS in their destinies, in their businesses, in their finances, in their ministries and in their relationships. Not little leaps, not mediocre leaps, definitely not safe leaps… but GIANT LEAPS forward! Hallelujah! And those GIANT LEAPS will happen as corresponding small steps are taken. Small steps of obedience. Small steps of faith. Small steps made even in the face of uncertainty.

As a prophetic voice in the Body of Christ, I am constantly amazed at the number of people who are mistakenly “waiting on God.” Any faith that puts everything on God, and very little on us, is really a fake faith. As this new year begins, set aside some consecrated time to hear your “small steps” from Heaven… and take them! Launch out in faith, one small step at a time, knowing that the promise of the Lord is those small steps WILL be transformed into GIANT LEAPS of progress for you… this year!

Many times I have found that people need practical advice on how to partner with a Word from God. Here is how I would counsel anyone to partner with this Word: Set aside (at minimum) an afternoon to spend with God. Turn off your phone! Turn off the computer / television / any other distraction. Get out an old-fashioned sheet of paper and a pen.

Then, as you worship and pray, ask God this question: “What small step(s) do you want ME to take in 2017?” Ask Him about your relationship with Him, your family, your finances, your health, your career, your ministry, etc. Carefully meditate on every area and write down the steps that He makes clear to your heart. I guarantee you that there will be at least one that is difficult. Maybe even painful. At least one step will force you to face a fear / insecurity that is holding you back (and has been for a very long time).

After you have a list of steps to take… here is where most people miss it. They believe that they can accomplish those steps in their own willpower or ability. No! Every true Word from Heaven has a corresponding anointing and grace on it… a supernatural enablement to partner with that Word to see it through to fulfillment. The Promise of the Lord is that in 2017, there is a grace to take every small step that He shows you. As you do take those small steps, GIANT LEAPS forward are going to be the result. For many, it will almost be effortless.

Small steps… GIANT LEAPS! For some, there are new business ventures to be started that are long overdue. For others, there are toxic relationships to be ended once and for all. There are new directions in ministry to be taken… and that means a difficult resignation that must be given. Someone will have to step out and make that move across the country. While someone else will have to move back to their hometown… Whatever your specific steps are, receive a fresh grace to take them **TODAY** – in the mighty name of Jesus!


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