Why It Matters - 82 Days Until the Election
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Why Does it Matter?

Partners and Friends,

The Holy Spirit has stirred my heart to pray like never before for the election in 82 days. You can find political views from all over the spectrum by turning on the nightly news or scanning social media. I am not engaging in any of that.

I want to quickly talk to you about why this election matters — from the perspective of the Gospel. As sons and daughters of God, everything we do should be viewed through the lens of the Gospel and Eternity. 

The United States of America was raised up by the mighty hand of God as a beacon of light to the world. Before the Revolutionary War, Moravian missionaries came to America in 1735 to spread the Gospel. They were part of a 100-year, non-stop prayer meeting that started in Herrnhut, Germany, that sent missionaries to the farthest parts of the earth. 

America, in turn, became the greatest force for evangelism and missions the world has ever known. From her shores, missionaries went to every part of the earth to share the soul-saving, life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Fast forward to 2020, and that same Gospel is now under attack, in America, in an unprecedented way.

I was on a call with a pastor that was threatened with a $10,000 fine for having church. In addition, a judge ordered that the first 1,000 people to show up for church were also to be given tickets. Liquor stores, casinos, abortion clinics, grocery stores, and even bicycle repair shops are open to the public... but churches are ordered closed across the country. (If you want a Scriptural understanding of why churches must remain physically open and preaching the Gospel, click here.)

In 2020, lifestyles that the Scriptures clearly define as wicked, and an abomination to the Lord, are now deemed by the Supreme Court as a "protected class" in America. Canada, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe followed this same path. There are pastors in those nations sitting in prison as you read this for "hate speech" — simply for opening the Bible and preaching God's Word.

The election in 82 days has enormous implications for America and the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. To be clear, no matter the result or the future cost, we will preach the Gospel under any conditions. Many of our Power of God missionaries live under the constant threat of death for preaching the Gospel.

However, God gave the American Church a true friend in President Donald Trump. I shared with you before how in 2007, God gave a prophetic word through the late Kim Clement that Donald Trump would be president. God desires that he be a two-term president and a great friend to the Church. In my lifetime, there has never been a president who has embraced the Church like President Trump. 
"If the Church will pray,
President Trump will stay."

"If the Church will pray, President Trump will stay" is the Word of the Lord that He has given me about this season. For that reason, I am stirring the Church to pray like never before. We began to buy ads across different platforms, encouraging people to pray, and they were rejected. We were accused of trying to "influence" the election.

I plead, "Guilty as charged!" I am doing everything in my power, based on the Word of the Lord, to have the Church pray for America and the election. If God's people pray consistently for America, they will begin to hear His heart – and His will – for the next four years. 

Would you join me in faithfully praying for America and the upcoming election?

If you would like to stand with us as we contend for America, and continue taking the Gospel to the nations, click here.



Note: There is a misguided view of the Sovereignty of God that teaches whatever God wants, will happen, no matter what, so our engagement is irrelevant. But this does not align with the Bible. If you believe everything God wants automatically happens, you will live a life of perpetual defeat. You will never enter into the great things God desires for you. The same is true for America. God declared that "He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent (2 Peter 3:9b NLT)." God, in turn, commissioned you and me to take the Gospel to every person on earth. Whoever hears and believes the Gospel will be saved (Mark 16:15). We have a part to play in seeing the will of God come to pass.

“The only hope for a lost and dying world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ – preached in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit!”

— Evangelist Russell Lorfing —

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